Friday, April 29, 2016

Balcony Reveal!

We finally have a reveal! Our big priorities as of late have been our outdoor spaces. We lucked out the past few weeks with gorgeous, 80 degree days, but *of course* this weekend is......gross. We won't let some Fall weather get us out of our summer groove, though! 

6 months ago our balcony looked like this....

We added some beautiful solar lights from Amazon, and I zip-tied a reed fence from Home Depot to the railing. These additions ran us only about $30 total. We tried to focus on inexpensive, heavy hitting updates. 

After searching and searching for an affordable outdoor rug, I settled on an outdoor mat - again, from Amazon. After only 2 days and about $35 we were able to add this colorful addition to our little slice of paradise. 

We knew we wanted some plants outside, so Amazon again was our go to for rail planters that we filled with beautiful hostas from Home Depot. They will grow much bigger, and will provide some dense foliage for us to cuddle up to as we sip coffee in the morning. 

Thanks to amazing friends, we had an IKEA giftcard that came in handy to get a $50 patio set. Can you believe that?! Two chairs AND a table. IKEA is the BEST!! We also grabbed a few small decorative items to pull the whole space together - including the cutest little bromeliad! 

After all was said and done, we are pleased to reveal that our balcony now looks like this: 

It's so cozy and bright and provides JUST the right amount of privacy. Arthur was concerned about feeling claustrophobic, but we realized that the reed fence is mostly a visual barrier. Sound and air still flow through with ease, which gives you all the benefit of being closed in without actually being barricaded. It is wonderful! 

That's all for now, but we are hoping to show off some BIG updates on the deck later in the weekend. That is, if we can get off the couch amidst this rainy, drizzly, soggy, cold weather. 

Happy Friday! 

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